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Useful Tools

FragCalc - tool which estimates the copy number of DNA fragments.
PrimerNucleosome - tool to ...

Useful sites

Below contains a list of useful sites.

  • Article for this website - PrimerSuite: A High-Throughput Web-Based Primer Design Program for Multiplex Bisulfite PCR
  • Methodology article for Multiplex Bisulfite PCR - Multiplex bisulfite PCR resequencing of clinical FFPE DNA
  • Article - Evaluation of Different Oligonucleotide Base Substitutions at CpG Binding sites in Multiplex Bisulfite PCR sequencing
  • UCSC Genome Browser
  • Trau Laboratory webpage

    Methyl 450K Primers

    List of primers targeting regions containing CpG's found in methyl450K array library.

    o methyl450K_Chrom1
    o methyl450K_Chrom2
    o methyl450K_Chrom3
    o methyl450K_Chrom4
    o methyl450K_Chrom5
    o methyl450K_Chrom6
    o methyl450K_Chrom7
    o methyl450K_Chrom9
    o methyl450K_Chrom9
    o methyl450K_Chrom10
    o methyl450K_Chrom11
    o methyl450K_Chrom12
    o methyl450K_Chrom13
    o methyl450K_Chrom14
    o methyl450K_Chrom15
    o methyl450K_Chrom16
    o methyl450K_Chrom17
    o methyl450K_Chrom18
    o methyl450K_Chrom19
    o methyl450K_Chrom20
    o methyl450K_Chrom21
    o methyl450K_Chrom22
    o methyl450K_ChromX
    o methyl450K_ChromY